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This post is a little late (meaning there’s another issue out) but there were some intriguing poems in this issue and I wanted to talk about them. Let’s start with “Concrete,” by Paul Smith. “In Los Angeles / There’s lots of concrete / Going straight up…” I am inclined to like a poem about mundane materials, maybe because the subject naturally weeds out poets who put on airs, and this poem did make me smile: “Can’t go to Vegas / Or Frisco / Or the cool high country of Tahoe / It’s stuck here.” Note how, by using short lines, the poet uses the visual of the poem to suggest the high rise he writes about.

I liked “Sandcastles,” by James Kramer. “don’t tell me sand is / golden rich minerals // I’ve plunged my toes in / and there are spiders underneath.” I like poems that bring a tilted perspective to the world, like this. “they are lost / they are confused…”

I like Milton P. Erlich’s “The Woman In A Negligee.” “I’m almost 17, making a delivery
during the war for a local drug store.” Sexy and fun. Little narrative tales can be so satisfying. We read them to see what happens, and so often there is a little turn near the end that satisfies. So it turns out here.

Erren Geraud Kelly gives us “New Orleans Slow Dance… After George Winston.” “she sits there, molly ringwald’s doppelganger / but i picture us walking down bourbon street…” An intriguing opening, and the poem goes on its indirect way on a nighttime adventure “as a piano speaks for /
her.” A languorous adventure.

Finally, Katherine Brittain’s “Locomotion: The Via Negativa,” is a bilingual ice cream cone of a poem. “I love to watch you dance the Via Negativa; / Watch you prance around in scenes interior.” It’s not quite a sonnet, not quite a dance, but I did enjoy the Spanish flavor.

Peace in poetry,

P M F Johnson

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