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Jack O’Brien starts the festival of poetry in Asimov’s November issue with a rewrite of Shakespeare’s 116th Sonnet: “Let me not to the making of new minds / admit impediment.” Frankenstein as a man of rhyme. Fun to compare old poem versus new, see where O’Brien cribbed rhymes and phrases and turned them to his own nefarious purposes. Might be a good exercise to have students do such rewriting, except they would surely turn subversive. ;->

Bryan D. Dietrich also has fun with monsters in his poem, “The Monster” — “Does he contradict himself? Very well, / then…” Here the monster is running a kind of Walt Whitman-esque list of himself: “What makes him — / crafted from everything other — want another / other…?” I have to admit, Whitman’s containing multitudes is a great place from which to start concocting a monster.

Lou Ella Hickman’s narrator in “Creature Comforts” loses a rapid battle with something like fishes’ ick: “it soon / became like a scale from monstrous fish / drink more water I thought…” Made me smile.

Dominica Phetteplace thought to create a monster from parts of long ago in her “Neanderthal Frankenstein” “to grow up to become the other…” And does a subtly effective job of moving (more or less) from slant rhymes to true.

And good ol’ Bruce Boston flips that thought on its head by giving us “Marie Antoinette, 2125,” too short to quote but with a sentiment that all us book lovers will surely appreciate.

Lot of fun in this issue.

Peace in poetry,

P M F Johnson


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